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How secure are your belongings in storage units? Our Top 5 Tips to keep your items safe.

1. For secure storage choose a managed storage facility with video surveillance

Some storage facilities in London allow 24/7 access with keypad entry. Others are only open during office hours.

At Alexanders, our storage is fully managed during office hours. This prevents any access outside these times ensuring your belongings are secure.

It is important that your storage facility has 24-hour video surveillance.  This should also be linked to additional security services or the police. Alexanders clients are protected by 24-hour Redcare security with advanced signalling for intruder or fire alerts notifying the police and fire services.

2. Make sure you use a strong padlock for secure storage

Most storage facilities will expect you to provide a padlock.  Don’t opt for the cheapest one you can find as they can easily be cut through.

At Alexanders, we don’t ask customers to supply a padlock. Each customer is given a high-quality lock and we keep all keys on site. You don’t have to worry about losing your key as you simply collect from the office on arrival.

3. Always keep an up-to-date inventory of your items

It is always helpful to keep an accurate inventory of items you have in storage along with photographs. This is particularly useful if you plan to store your items for long periods or if you need to discuss anything with your insurance company.

At Alexanders, we do all this for you if we pick up your items and bring them into either Self-Storage or Container Storage.

4. Take out appropriate insurance to cover your items in storage

Most storage companies will offer insurance. We always suggest customers take out our insurance to give them added peace of mind.

5. Be clear on what you can and can't store in your storage unit

Each storage unit has rules and regulations on what you are allowed to store.  Please see our article ‘What Can’t I Store In A Storage Unit?’

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