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Commercial Storage in London

Putting items into commercial storage can free up valuable and costly office space. Hundreds of businesses already use our NW10 commercial storage warehouses for long and short term storage. We look after items for a number of global fashion houses, theatrical wardrobes for stage artists, maintain confidential document archives, and even store an entire vinyl record collection for a London-based radio DJ.

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Commercial Storage FAQs

What is commercial storage?

Commercial storage is a specialist storage solution for businesses.

Items are stored in secure commercial storage units or containers within commercial storage warehouses.

What can I store in commercial storage?

Business storage can be used for bulky or occasional office furniture, IT equipment, plant and heavy machinery, event stands and banners, fixtures and fittings, artworks for galleries, excess stock, seasonal displays, costumes, and anything else that’s getting in your way.

If you choose to archive your boxes away at Alexanders you can manage your files remotely by calling for boxes to be delivered anywhere in the London area. Our delivery and collection service means we can offer more than just storage; we offer an archive storage solution.

How much does commercial storage cost?

Commercial storage costs £20 per week per container.

How secure is business storage?

Commercial storage warehouses are protected by 24-hour CCTV and a fire and intruder alarm system linked to the local emergency services via Redcare.

How much notice do I need to collect my items?

If you want frequent and ready access to your items, we’d recommend a Self Storage unit. If you only need occasional access, then Container Storage is probably a more economical option. Sometimes a mixture of both works best.

Container Storage is a traditional form of storage where your items are kept in locked wooden crates. You can still access what’s in your store; you just need to give us 5 working days notice (subject to availability). And you have the convenience of being able to drive right up to your container inside our large warehouse to load and unload.

Are my items in commercial storage insured?

Your own insurance may cover items kept in business storage. If not, we can provide good value and comprehensive insurance cover with our Lloyd’s insurers.

Commercial Storage Solutions: Why Choose Alexanders?

Alexanders is a member of the Commercial Moving Group and the Self Storage Association.

We manage business storage solutions for a growing number of London companies.

Here are some of the reasons they choose Alexanders for their business storage.

Fully Managed Self & Containerised Storage

Inventory Management

Quick Access

Free up valuable space

Used by hundreds of businesses in London

24 Hour CCTV

Comprehensive insurance cover

Fire and intruder alarm system linked to the local emergency services via RedCare.

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Cheap Business Storage

8 Weeks Free Storage

We are currently offering our clients 8 weeks free storage*. This applies to both domestic and commercial clients. For more information please call us on 0333 800 2323.

Storage For Business

Your items will be stored in secure Commercial Storage Units or Containers

We are members of the Commercial Moving Group and also the Self Storage Association. Our commercial storage is used by hundreds of businesses throughout London.

Archive storage

We also offer a fully managed archive storage service, which includes delivering archive storage boxes directly to you so you can load up your documents and then picking up your numbered boxes to take them to our secure storage unit.

As part of the service, we prepare and maintain a numbered box inventory so you always know what you have in archive storage. Just call us any time during office opening hours and we’ll retrieve the numbered box or boxes you need ready to deliver to any UK destination or for you to collect.

Charges for archive storage:

  • 25% discount on list prices
  • £20 +VAT for every 60 minutes that an Alexanders representative is handling your goods, charged pro-rata
  • Prices for deliveries across the UK are available on request

What Customers Store in Our Commercial Storage

IT equipment

Bulky or occasional office furniture

Plant and heavy machinery

Event stands and banners

Fixtures and fittings

Artworks for galleries

Excess stock

Seasonal displays


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