Our 50,000sq ft Container Warehouse offers clean, secure long term storage. If you don’t need frequent access to your belongings or you’re looking for a long term storage solution, then Containerised Storage is probably the most economical option for you.

Your containers will be stored in warehouses protected by 24-hour CCTV, a fire and intruder alarm system linked to the local emergency services via RedCare, and a security guard on keyholder response.

Long term storage London

Your items are stored in 250 cubic foot containers. We just need 5 working days notice (subject to availability) for storage inspections when we can bring your container to an indoor loading area. This long term storage London based service is fully managed, so one of our porters will be with you at all times and we keep a detailed inventory of everything in your container.

Storing for shorter periods

Containerised Storage can also be an economical option for short term storage. If there’s a lag between moving dates, why not put items you need access to in our Self Storage warehouse and everything else can go into Containerised Storage until you’re ready to move in.

Interested in long term storage London?

If you need long term storage or short term storage call 0333 800 2323 and one of the team will advise on which option is best for you.