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A typical removals and storage business uses lots of energy and gets through lots of packing material. We try to reduce our impact as much as we can by:

  • Packing efficiently so we use the minimum amount of materials
  • Reusing packing materials as often as possible
  • Recycling all our packing materials when they can’t be used again
  • Using hire crates instead of cardboard boxes whenever we can
  • Using reusable protective covers
  • Encouraging our customers to reuse and recycle
  • Collecting boxes if we’re in the area
  • Always turning off engines when we’re loading and unloading
  • Making a quarterly donations as part of the World Land Trust ‘Plant A Tree’ initiative.  We plant a tree for every move booked with us.

At our London offices, we:

  • Recycle all our office waste
  • Promote energy saving practices such as switching off equipment and lights when not in use
  • Keep printing to a minimum
  • When we have to print, we print double-sided on recycled paper
  • Keep up to date with research into environmentally friendly processes and practices relevant to the removals and storage industry

Putting something back

We make regular donations to the British Red Cross, Christian Aid and to the Border Green Energy Team, a voluntary organisation that runs renewable energy and sustainable technology projects in South-East Asia.

If you have suggestions for how we can improve our eco-credentials, please do contact us.