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Removals Insurance Cover

Understanding removals insurance can be difficult but it’s a critical part of moving and one that offers ultimate peace of mind.

In this guide we break down the most important factors surrounding removals insurance, whether removals insurance is worth it and also what you are covered for under movers’ insurance if things don’t go quite to plan.

This guide also explores storage insurance and how this differs, whether you have to take out insurance for your self storage unit and the likely costs of taking insurance for your storage unit.

We’re always happy to help and offer advice so feel free to call us on 0333 800 2323 and we can discuss your specific insurance queries in more detail.

What Does A Removals Company Mean By ‘Limited Liability’?

A removal company will not always know the exact value of the items they are asked to move.

Whilst they will, of course, endeavour to move items carefully and without issue, occasionally there will be events outside of their control which mean things don’t go quite according to plan. A removal company therefore seeks to limit its liability.

Every removal company will have their own level of liability which is usually found within their Terms & Conditions. After you have checked what level of liability your removal company specifies you can decide the level of cover you would like and the risk you will take.

Calculate The Value Of Your Items

Check Existing Policies

Take Extra Insurance

If there is damage or negligence, what am I covered for?

Most removal companies offer a certain level of cover for damage or negligence which is set out in the Terms & Conditions. You should always read these thoroughly and if you have any queries, you should raise these in advance of your move.

As an example, Alexanders will pay clients up to £50 for each item which is lost or damaged as a direct result of any negligence or breach of contract on our part.

You should always check exactly what is covered. For instance, if you are covered only for damage to your goods or if you are covered in the event that your moving company caused damage to your property.

Typically, it can be difficult to establish who is responsible for loss or damage to premises or property during a move as there are often third-party contractors or other people present at the time of delivery and collection. Removal companies will often therefore limit their liability to making good only the damaged area. If you notice any damage, you should take photos of the areas affected and discuss it with your removal company as soon as possible.

How long do I have to make a claim?

Removal companies and their insurers will often have a time limit on claims.  This is to stop consumers returning at a later date with damaged items that could possibly have been damaged elsewhere.

At Alexanders we understand that moving fully and unpacking often takes some time so consumers might not notice any damage until later on.

We therefore state that if your items are collected from us then  ‘we must be notified of any loss or damage at the time the goods are handed to you or your agent or as soon as practically possible’. However, for goods that we deliver we request ‘detailed notice in writing of any loss or damage within seven days of delivery by us’.  We will also allow this time to be extended if you provide a written request with the seven days and consent to such a request will not be unreasonably be withheld. You should check that your removal company operated a similar policy.

Pro Tip: Make sure you inspect your goods as soon as you can either after you collect them or after your removal company drops them off.  Try not to leave boxes unpacked for weeks after as this makes making claims more difficult if a substantial period time has passed.

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Absolutely fantastic work & customer service by all the crew

Ayse Veli - The Labour Party (Office Move)

It is a rare pleasure to be able to provide a wholly positive report for any supplier. We chose you because your intelligent and proactive approach seemed a world apart from the standard approach in the removal and shipping sector and gave us faith that you would over-deliver. Thankfully, our judgement was spot on

Sebastian Gray, Founder, IT Lab (Office Move)

Does home insurance cover removals?

There is no simple answer for this. You will need to check your home insurance policy to see whether your contents are insured when you move house.

Some insurance companies will cover your contents while they are in transit but it’s far from standard practice. Money Supermarket says that 42% of insurers won’t cover your move at all.

Some insurance companies will insist you use a recommended removal company and some won’t pay out on a claim if they conclude that your items were not properly packed. It is therefore advisable to take out a full packing service if you do plan to rely on your home insurance policy when you move house.

Man and van operations may not be covered either as they often fall into the category of ‘DIY Moves’ which are not covered.

If you are covered you should still consider the length of time your contents cover will last. Usually this is only for a few days whilst on the move. If your items do require storage for a longer period of time you will likely need specialist storage insurance. We discuss this later on in the guide.

Pro Tip: Remember that after you move you need to get your contents re-evaluated as your current premium will have been calculated based on your postcode and property type. Any claims made will likely fail if this hasn’t been updated.

How Much Does Removals Insurance Cost?

Typically, additional removals insurance is 10% of the removal cost. Therefore, if you paying £2500 for you move then taking out the additional insurance will be an extra £250.

Pro Tip: When budgeting for your move factor in an additional 10% to cover insurance.

Is Removals Insurance Worth It?

This depends on entirely whether you have other cover in place already and whether you are prepared to take the risk that your move will go without an issues.

Your removal company will always try and move you without any issues but occasionally things do go wrong and outside of their control. For that reason, we always recommend taking out the additional insurance for total peace of mind.

Pro Tip: Check any polices you have in place and if your move is not covered take out the additional insurance offered by your moving company.

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