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Legwork and experience gets the job done

Our eye-catching liveried fleet of lorries and vans is out and about on the streets of London every day, moving homes and businesses around the capital.

But it may surprise you to know that we don’t actually need vehicles for every removal job. Sometimes it’s legwork and experience that gets the job done.

For example, we recently moved a leading civil set of chambers from the ground floor to the lower ground floor of their offices in London’s main legal district of Temple.

What won’t surprise you is that they had a lot to pack. In fact, it was expected that they’d need our packing crates on site for a week. But we’ve learned a trick or two when it comes to packing – and unpacking – efficiently.

Which is why it actually only took us one day to pack, move and unpack everything, saving time and money for this very surprised and happy client.

They told us afterwards: “Everything went well and you guys did a great job. Everything went smoothly and they did it in an efficient time too. I am sure we will be in touch again for future removals in chambers.”

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