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The strangest self storage requests

By September 26, 2012No Comments

Being a self-storage specialists we’ve encountered several items that people want to put in storage.  As we work closely with our sales team we had the unique opportunity to hear from our team. The majority of customers are looking to store a variety of household, personal and archive items but as you’d expect down the years we’ve had some very strange requests that needed special requirements. We didn’t says yes to all of them… for obvious reasons. Without further ado let’s get started:

  1. Herself. Yes, she wanted to sleep in the unit. After all, self-storage unit is a lot cheaper than an apartment or hotel… and a climate controlled self-storage stays warm in the winter.
  2. Christmas presents. Well, this isn’t as weird as it is a common problem. However, it is a good idea to store presents “off-site” so sneaky children won’t find them.
  3. A hookah, a pillow and a lighter. Yes, this potential customer has been so affected by nationwide bans on smoking in public, he needs a self-storage unit to smoke a hookah in.
  4. Pets. The answer to this request should be pretty obvious. Storing animals in self-storage units is not only illegal… it’s really cruel. Needless to say, we  said “no.”
  5. Flowers… yes Live. And, in order to cultivate those live flowers, the customer needed power in the unit. Crazy eh?
  6. Pallets of food. Yes we’ve had requests where people want to store several pallets of food. We obviously had to restrain ourselves from the one request of purely chocolate.
  7. Snow. A snow removal service called in requesting a place to dump the snow they gathered… to leave there to melt. Charming eh?
  8. Fashion Garments. We store some amazing fashion garments  –the designers want to keep the location a secret so we can’t name them… have a guess by all means though?

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