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What’s our super power? Being prepared for anything, of course.

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being prepared for anything

There’s so much to think about when you’re planning to move, it’s easy to overlook small details that can have a big impact on how things go on the day.

Now you might think that after years of moving people and their belongings across London and around the world, we’d be pretty good at spotting potential problems, and you’d be right.

But we also know that you simply can’t plan for every eventuality, so just as important as a detailed move plan is the ability to think quickly, come up with a Plan B and to be prepared to break a sweat to get the job done.

Which is what happened on a recent job.

Because the family was moving from outside London we weren’t able to visit the location before the move and unfortunately the client underestimated the length of their path. Just this little oversight added significantly to the loading time.

Plus the move was booked too close to moving day for us to apply for the appropriate parking permits from the council so we couldn’t get the van legally parked right outside the property.

And the final curve ball…the client’s best laid plans to have everything packed and ready for our arrival didn’t quite come together.

No matter. The team rolled up their sleeves and started packing. We always bring extra packing materials with us on a job, just in case, so we got stuck in and helped the family finish the job.

With the packing plus the extra distance from house to van, we knew this was going to take longer than the scheduled day so the move manager got on the phone and arranged over night storage at our secure London storage facilities

A one-day job turned into a two-day job, with everything being packed, loaded and delivered to our storage depot before being delivered on to two London locations the following day.

The client’s response made it all worthwhile: “Thanks very much for your help. The two men who came did a really great job and worked tirelessly all day without a break.”

We love it when a Plan B comes together.

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