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10 tips for finding great office locations in London

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Alexanders Removals and Storage has helped many businesses in London through our office removal service. From the North West (NW) to East Central (EC1) and South West London (SW1, SW2, etc.) we do our utmost to provide an award winning service. Today, we are going to help even more by providing 10 tips for finding great office locations in London.

  • 1. Style: Decide whether you want a corporate, contemporary, traditional, functional or creative office for your business.
  • 2. Image: Think about the kind of image a particular area would bring to your business and how this could influence current and potential clients.
  • 3. Transport links: Consider transport links such as London buses, taxis and the underground when choosing an office location.
  • 4. Transport out of London: Your business will need to operate outside of London, too, so you need to consider access to areas outside of the UK capital.
  • 5. Competitors: It pays to keep an eye on your competitors in business. Take this into consideration when looking for an office location.
  • 6. Ask the right questions: In business you can’t expect anything to fall in your lap and this is the same with finding great office locations.
  • 7. Costs: Having a business in London can be expensive, but only pay what fits within your needs and priorities.
  • 8. List your dislikes: If you know what you don’t want, then it will make the process much more efficient.
  • 9. Office hours: Being close to an underground station and other good transport links will help if you regularly work beyond normal office hours.
  • 10. Use your business knowledge: You know your business better than anyone else. Use this to find the best location for your requirements.

If you find these tips helpful and use them to find great office locations in London for your business, Alexanders Removals and Storage will be there to help with your office moveContact us today for more information.

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